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DouceGlide Razor

DouceGlide Razor

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Ecological Design
Enjoy a durable and reusable razor, helping to reduce plastic waste from disposable razors. 🌍

Safety and Precision
Ensure a safe and precise shave with the ergonomic design and premium blades. 🔒✂️

Removal of Ingrown Hairs
Say goodbye to ingrown hairs with a blade designed for a smooth shave and reduced irritation. 🚫🌱

Perfect Shave
Get a flawless, irritation-free shave, even on sensitive skin, thanks to a well-sharpened blade and cutting-edge technology. ✨

Skin Protection
Maintain the health of your skin with a gentle shave that minimizes the risk of irritation and cuts. 🌟

Ease of Maintenance
Make maintenance easier with simple and effective cleaning of the razor after each use. 🧼🚿

Ecological Commitment
Contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle by switching to a reusable razor that delivers exceptional results without compromising the environment. ♻️

Worry-Free Use
Enjoy hassle-free use and a comfortable grip for the best shave every time. 🤗

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Satisfied or refunded

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To change or install the blade:

Turn the handle or head of the razor counterclockwise. Carefully insert the blade and screw firmly. As explained previously, the blade should be slightly curved for a perfect shave.

While shaving:

Apply shaving cream, soap or oil for a smoother shave. Hold the razor tilted at 30° and make small strokes over the area to be waxed. Our razor requires no excess pressure; simply adjust the pressure to your preference.

After shaving:

Rinse the razor thoroughly under a powerful jet of water and let it air dry. Moisturize shaved areas with a cream suitable for soft and comfortable skin.

Additional Tips:

  • If you do not use the razor for a long time, remove the blade.
  • Always rinse your razor thoroughly after each use to remove any hair, soap or oil residue, extending its life.

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Precise 30° shave with the DouxGlide Razor

Enjoy a precise 30° shave with the DouxGlide Razor, ensuring comfort and safety. Reduce the risk of irritation and cuts thanks to its ergonomic design. Ideal for all skin types, providing a smooth and effortless shaving experience.

Easy Care and Post-Shave Hydration

Make maintenance easier with the DouxGlide Razor. After use, rinse it under a powerful jet of water and let it dry in the open air for optimal hygiene. Moisturize your skin with a suitable cream for a lasting feeling of softness after shaving.

Practical Tips for the DouxGlide Razor

Optimize the use of the DouxGlide Razor with these practical tips. Remove the blade when not in use for a long time to extend its life. Always rinse thoroughly after each shave to remove residue and maintain optimal razor performance.

Gentle, Irritation-Free Shave

Discover the DouxGlide Razor for a smooth, irritation-free shave. Thanks to its perfectly curved blade, obtain a precise and comfortable shave without the risk of cuts. Ideal for sensitive skin, this razor guarantees a pleasant shaving experience with every use.

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